Become a calm, confident guide for your elementary students.

Learn how to cut down on classroom behaviors, regain control, and create the lifelong impact you were meant to have.

Yes please!

You went into this job because you love teaching, but it feels like you're on edge all day long.

The behaviors of a few dictate the day for everyone.

You're constantly battling behaviors.

This is the chattiest class you've had in a long time. They seem to be struggling to focus this year more than ever before.

You're seeing more and more outbursts, aggression, and opposition.

You hate to admit it... but academics sometimes take a back seat for the entire class because you're busy putting out fires.

Nothing you say or do makes much of a difference. Or if it does work, it doesn't stick for long.

You don't have the training, resources or support you need.

You're leaving school at the end of the day feeling exhausted.

It's starting to feel like the behaviors are a reflection of your teaching.



Your school days are filled with ease and flow because you deeply know and understand the strengths and needs of each student, and you've forged the kind of connections needed to guide your students through navigating any challenge.

The calm is restored to your classroom because you have a framework for managing behaviors and a toolbox of strategies at the ready. Your students understand they have a role in supporting their classmates, and they lean on empathy when they see a classmate having a difficult time.

Prior-year teachers walk into your classroom and wonder what kind of magic you worked... because students who once had a reputation for "acting out" are now showing up calm and with confidence, autonomy, and a willingness to engage. You know that confidence will remain well beyond this school year.

I want this!

Here’s why BEHAVIOR should be


  • Behavior has a ripple effect. The entire classroom vibe is off when there’s a sense that control has been lost.
  • Behavior is likely impacting your mental health. Unless you have the ability to totally shut off at the end of the school day, you’re probably sitting at home in your pjs at the end of the school day… still thinking about that one kid who is just struggling to keep it together.

  • Behavior can make you feel like your teaching isn’t effective. Even if you plan the best lessons with the most engaging activities, it can feel like a total failure when things don’t go as planned.

  • Behavior is a trigger. Our own “stuff” can come up when a student displays a problematic behavior. And this can lead to all sorts of heaviness.

  • Behavior is an opportunity. It’s an invitation to discover what a child really needs. And it can change absolutely everything.

This is about so much more than "fixing behavior"...

It's about uncovering what's going on "underneath" the behavior...


...helping this child finally find a sense of belonging... 


...and being a calm guide and a relentless advocate.

You play a role in this child's life... this is the moment to define it.


What You'll Learn:


We each bring our lived experiences along with us to the classroom. You'll learn how to reflect and bring awareness to your own triggers, so that you can quickly assess how to hold space for the student in a way that takes both of your needs into account. Like the saying goes, you need to put on your oxygen mask before you can help anyone else.


You'll learn a system for explicitly teaching all students regulation skills. This isn't something children have naturally- they need to be taught how to self-regulate. This will become a regular part of your classroom language, so students can lean on these regulation strategies (with your guidance) when they need them most.


It's time for you and the student to take a collective deep breath and decide on how to move forward and grow from the experience. Like regulation skills, students also need to be explicitly taught coping skills so that when a problematic behavior occurs, students can safely work on a plan for next time, identifying triggers and action steps.

Learn my simple method for behavior management, so you can show up as a calm guide for every student.


This program was created for classroom teachers, by a classroom teacher. That means absolutely no jargon and definitely no random abbreviations. (You know the ones... they leave you feeling more lost than when you started!)

The trainings are designed to help you build a toolkit for behavior that you can lean on this year and every year going forward. The Heart-Centered Behavior Management Method is the most effective system you'll use... because it is simple.

After learning this method, you will feel empowered to confidently handle any situation that arises. 

You'll learn to nip the minor behaviors and create a sense of safety, predictability, and calm throughout the room.

When problematic behavior occurs, you will calmly guide the student to build self-awareness around the behavior... a skill that will last the student a lifetime.

As one of the most influential people in this child’s life, we’ve been given exactly one year to help solve the puzzle. 

This training isn't another list of one-off strategies to try. It's a long-term solution that could shift the trajectory of this child’s entire life.

This is the ONE method you'll need for behavior management. It will have a ripple effect on your entire classroom community and will leave you breathing a massive sigh of relief.

This method is about leading with your heart.



  • Identity in the Classroom
  • Student Identities & Behavior with Joe Vercellino
  • Behavior Management vs. Classroom Management 

In Module One, we'll discuss why it is essential to consider identity before diving into our behavior management practices.


  • Behavior Perception & Your Inner Child
  • Viewing Behavior Through an Empathetic Lens
  • Why Do Kids Misbehave?
  • Changing Our Mindset 

Module Two is all about building self-awareness, and learning how our perception of behavior impacts the way we show up in the classroom.


  • What is Self-Regulation?
  • Teaching Self-Regulation Skills
  • Identifying & Labeling Feelings

In Module Three, we begin exploring self-regulation, and how to explicitly teach students self-regulation skills that will lead to increased self-worth.

Coping Skills

  • Teaching Coping Skills
  • Identifying Triggers
  • Teacher Toolbox: Strategies for Hard to Reach Kids

Module Four outlines key coping skills to teach our students to use during times of need. We'll work on identifying triggers, and building a unique toolbox of strategies for hard to reach kids.

And There's Bonuses!


The Social-Emotional Learning Skills Guide will support you as you observe and collect data surrounding the social-emotional skills of your students.  Using this information will help you plan meaningful social-emotional learning lessons that meet the unique needs of your students.


The SEL From the Heart Guide gives you 5 simple steps to implementing social-emotional learning into your classroom!  We will cover the five following strategies: building a sense of belonging and acceptance, implementing feeling check-ins, facilitating partnership discussions, reading picture books, and incorporating end of the day celebrations.


Two ways to restore the calm in your classroom

Both package options include lifetime access to The Heart-Centered Behavior Management Method, PDF workbook and bonuses. One package includes an extra bundle of social and emotional learning activities at a discounted rate!

Complete Training


Top Features

  • The Heart-Centered Behavior Management Video Trainings
  • 4 PDF workbooks (1 for each module)
  • Certificate upon completion (5 hours of professional development)
  • BONUS: SEL From the Heart Guide
  • BONUS: Social-Emotional Learning Skills Checklist Guide
  • BONUS: Growing In-Action Video Vault (Most Requested)!

Complete Training + Activity Bundle


Most Popular

  • The Heart-Centered Behavior Management Video Trainings
  • 4 PDF Workbooks (1 for each module)
  • Certificate upon completion (5 hours of professional development)
  • BONUS: SEL From the Heart Guide
  • BONUS: Social-Emotional Learning Skills Checklist Guide
  • BONUS: Growing In-Action Video Vault (Most Requested)!
  • Add-on: 6 SEL Resources Bundle (Click here to learn more)!

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The Heart-Centered Teacher Promise

I am so confident The Heart-Centered Behavior Management System will transform the way you are empowered to show up in your daily interactions with students that I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee. I promise you'll walk away with the insight, know-how and skills needed to confidently respond to any behavior pattern. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, I wouldn't feel right keeping your money. Simply request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the program. There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove.

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Hi, I’m Andriana! 

I'm a Social-Emotional learning coach, and former elementary school teacher.

I’m the teacher blogger and creator behind The Active Educator, a platform designed to offer educators with meaningful management practices through movement-based learning and social-emotional development.

Heart-Centered Behavior Management in Action


When you use Heart-Centered Behavior Management, you’re doing so much more than “fixing problematic behavior”.

I've always been a self-reflective person. I spend a lot of time listening and observing. When reflecting on my own feelings and thoughts about some of the behaviors I was seeing in my kindergarten classroom, I noticed something important. If I could reframe the way I thought about behavior, I could unlock possibilities.

Doing this protected my relationship with the student and allowed me to calmly hold space. It took a lot of work on my part, but it made a profound impact on our overall classroom environment, the child's feelings about school, the way they interacted with peers, and even the way they walked through the world.

The magical thing about children is that they express feelings and emotions that we’ve suppressed. The fact that they feel safe enough to unload means they trust us. The ability to regularly access this insight shifts the way we respond to that child. 

But our ability to access the insight needed to truly impact students (beyond those band-aid behavior fixes) is clouded by our own feelings, experiences, and traumas. We have our own self-reflecting and inner-work to tackle before we can make the impact we're meant to make.

I'm honored to share my simple reflection process with you and to be your guide along the way. It will change the way you teach, the way you interact with students, and it will likely spill over into your everyday life... in all the best ways.


Are you in?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know you’re faced with many opportunities to learn and grow professionally this year. Here's why this one needs to take priority.


There's a child that was given a ray of hope when they entered your class. 


Because you have it in you to dig in and find out how you can help this student. 

You’re going to do better than “fixing” behavior with stickers.

You are going to lead with your heart.

 When you use Heart-Centered Behavior Management, you’re doing so much more than “fixing problem behavior”. 

You’re giving that student a chance.

A chance at feeling safe and feeling heard. A chance to confidently show up inside your classroom today and every day, leading with their strengths instead of feeling shameful about what they’re doing wrong. 

You’re giving that child autonomy, a sense of control, and connection they will carry forward for the rest of their lives.

Are you in?

Yes, I'm in!

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